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Wuxi Hydro Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (WHET) is a specialist in pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation solution in China. We sell specialty equipment, carry Bucher Municipal Zynkon trucks, DOA Hydraulic tools, Atlas Copco generators & pumps, ENZ & NuovaContec nozzles, Logiball pneumatic packs, Briggs & Stratton engines. We have a wide variety of rehabilita


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    76 Sets Of Mechanical Internal Pipe Seals Installation Completed In Changshu City

    Last week we delivered 76 sets of DN1650 mechanical internal pipe seals to my customer in Changshu City. Today they sent me some pictures. They completed the installation on time. Though previous Corona Virus outbreak delayed this sewer mainline rehabilitation project.

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    94 PCS Sewer Cleaning Nozzles Delivered to Kunshan City.

    There have been no new cases of Corona Virus in Jiangsu Province for more than 10 days. We went to work this week, delivered following products to my loyal customer in Kunshan City: 4 sets of portable cart jetters together with 500 Litre water tanks; 11 pcs 100-meter 1’ sewer cleaning hoses; 7 pcs 80-meter 3/4‘ sewer cleaning hoses; ENZ 16 pcs 36.100 nozzles, 6 pcs 30.075 nozzles, 1 pc Bulldog 400.100A nozzle, 1 pc Chain Scraper 10.200R (DN200-DN400) nozzle, 1 pc Turbopuls 410.120A nozzle, 1 pc Impact Milling Cutter 14.300 (DN300-DN400) nozzle, 1 pc Floor Cleaning 70.100 nozzle, 1 pc Ejector 80.100A nozzle. NuovaContec 66 pcs cleaning nozzles.

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    Bucher Municipal Zynkon 2019 Annual Distributor Meeting

    Last week BUCHER MUNICIPAL Zynkon hosted a successful China distributor meeting in Wuhan City. It was a great opportunity to learn from BUCHER MUNICIPAL‘s insights and strategies. My company won the best distributor of the year 2019 award for performance as an authorized BUCHER MUNICIPAL Zynkon distributor. The award was given by MR Wang, General Manager of BUCHER MUNICIPAL Zynkon.

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